Istanbul Day trips

What makes Istanbul so beautiful is the Bosphorus Strait separating Europe from Asia, and the Golden Horn. A cruise along these waterways is a relaxing way to look at the scenery, the amazing archistecture and skyline that makes Istanbul a natural treasure! A must do in a private boat. Highlights: relaxing way to tour 90 minute cruise on the Golden Horn and Bosphorus in a private boat spectacular architecture of such buildings like Dolmabache Palace, the two Bosphorus Bridges, Rumeli Fortress, Kucuksu Palace and Pierre Loti Hill  
Istanbul has been and will continue to be the heart and soul of Turkey with over 2500 years of history.  A fascinating city, showing how antiquity, with its’ historical mosques and palaces can mix with the modern buildings and culture.   A unique buzz embraces you when you arrive, with a population of over 14.5 million official residents, and a wide mix of westernisation and conservative Muslim culture.  Separated by the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara making the waterways a significant feature of Istanbul, the food, the people and former capital of 3 empires- Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman characterise a unique city. Highlights of the day include: Spice Market Galata Bridge Ferry ride to the local markets in Kadikoy on the Asian side Tunel Galata Tower Istiklal mall walk to Taksim- one of the most famous streets and location Dolmabache Palace
Vialand is a great place to enjoy a shopping fix as well as an adrenaline fix on all the rides and non stop entertainment. Vialand covers an area of about 100 soccer fields so you will never run out of places to see and visit and things to do.  Highlights: Theme park Shopping Mall, Entertainment complex including cinema and bowling alley Food court  
Bursa is a great place to visit as a day trip. Whilst Turkey's 4th largest city, Bursa provides a wonderful opportunity to experience a very traditional city rich in history as the first capital of the Ottoman empire. With some magnificent religious monuments, a strong history in silk trading, "home" to many foods including the "iskender kebab"  there is a variety of things to see, learn and taste. The city which is also known as “Green Bursa” with its fresh air from the lush vegetation and the vast forests nearby. Highlights of this trip Bursa market Silk han Grand Ulu Mosque, Mausoleums of Osman and Orhan Bey Green Mosque- the carved marble doorway is one of the best in Turkey
Explore a different side of Istanbul and experience the peaceful surrounds of Buyukada. Literally “Big Island” in Turkish, it is the largest and most populated of the 9 Princes’ Islands, and has an fascinating history.  Motor vehicles are not allowed, but the peaceful carriages (phaeton) are and we take a ride on one. Highlights Ferry ride to Büyükada. Walking in the peaceful surrounds of Buyukada Lots of fascinating wooden house and Hagia Yorgi Church Visit one of the most historical and unique places on island, Splendid Hotel. Take a horse drawn carriage (phaeton) 45 minutes
Istanbul's most famous attractions in one tour.  This full day tour of highlights are considered the main attractions for the old city of Istanbul. Once Byzantium, then Constantinople and now Istanbul...history, fascination of the Roman and Byzantium periods, which then all changed when it was conquered by Mehmet in 1493.  Be intrigued and absorbed by the stories and see the places that are not to be missed when travelling to Istanbul, all with a knowledgeable guide. Highlights: The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace Grand Bazaar.   
Why not take a tour to the highest point around the Bosphorus and get that magical photo.  This half day tour takes you across the first Bosphorus Bridge to Camlica Hill at 268 metres above sea level for that chance.  Then we visit one of the most glamous palaces in the world and an important place in Turkish history Dolmabahce Palace. Highlights View from Camlica Hill Everyday traffic on the Bridge Guided Tour Dolmabahce Palace (closed Mondays and Thursday where Chora Museum will be visited instead)
HIstory buffs, this half day tour on Fridays of the archeological museum should not be missed.  Thousands of years of history are on display here. This superb museum showcases archaeological and artistic treasures from the both pre and Ottoman periods and includes ancient artefacts and an exhibition tracing Istanbul's history. Named as Museum of the year by the European council in 1991, there are many highlights, but the sarcophagi from the Royal Necropolis of Sidon are simply amazing as is the stunning mihrab from the İbrahim Bey İmâret in Karaman, built in 1432.   
The Fener and Balat areas in Istanbul, are two of the most characteristic and richest in history. They are UNESCO listed yet not a lot of visitors to Istanbul visit these areas, nor know the history.   This tour covers the intriguing tradtional Jewish area of Balat. Highlights of this tour are: Bulgarian Church of Saint Stephen of the Bulgars City walls Tekfur Saray Armenian Church of Surp Hreshdagabet Heritage Listed Old buildings Modern day restoration
For a fun and entertaining Saturday night come to this Sensational Ottoman harem dancing show, with traditional dances and exotic belly dances. With fascinating choreography and Rhythm and fire shows. It is highly energic and moving and has amazing  costumes with 360 degree special visual effects.  This is all in a historical location and building.           
If you’ve ever wanted to witness the Whirling Dervishes, this is your opportunity. The Sema ceremony of the Whirling Dervishes is an 800 year tradition in Turkey, and consequently, an important part of Turkey’s cultural heritage. In fact, UNESCO proclaimed this unique ritual an Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2005.  Prior to the dervish dance is some tradtional turkish music.
Interested in a highly entertaining night? Visit an exclusive nightclub and enjoy not only authentic Turkish cuisine but also traditional music with traditional dance.belly dancing and more. 
Enjoy a night on the Bosphorus Strait filled with belly dancing and Anatolian folk music.  This 3.5 dinner cruise is a fun and highly lively and entertaining night.  The Bosphorus dinner cruise glides along the strait’s beautiful evening waters and passes Istanbul’s best sights. See the illuminated Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and Blue Mosque as you watch a traditional performance and savor great food and drinks