Hot Air Balloon Ride (Budget)

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We believe that this will be an experience which will provide you with unforgettable memories from seeing the breath-taking unique landscape of Cappadocia from the air.  This approximately 1 hour Butterfly Balloon ride contains up to 16 people in the basket. The vast majority of people that have ever taken a balloon ride in Cappadocia agree that it is worth getting up early in the morning to see this spectacular and amazing scenery.

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You will be picked up from your hotel by the Butterfly balloon company about an hour before sunrise.  They will take your to their office for cup of tea or coffee and something light to eat, a pre-flight briefing and to check the wind to determine the best take-off location and then transport you to the Balloon take-off area. The average flight a minimum of 1 hour and includes both low and high flying over the landscape of Cappadocia. You will be sharing the balloon basket with up to 16 fellow adventurers.

The wind determines where you actually go.  Once back on the ground you will celebrate your achievement with soft drinks and champagne. You will then be transported back to your hotel early morning, normally by 9am to be able to join a daily excursion. From your pick-up at the hotel through to drop-off, the time is approximately three hours. Start times will depend on sunrise times and will be confirmed the day before the flight.

Butterfly Balloons are 25 years old, are all locals: family and friends who love Cappadocia with a passion and want to share it with you.  They continually strive for excellent customer satisfaction and are very safety conscious. Their Insurance (included in the price) covers both the flight and ground handling. Their passengers, pilots and third parties are covered by their policy for up to 40 Million Euro.



  • Hot air Balloon ride for approximately 1 hour with Butterfly Balloon company
  • Maximum of 5 people per compartment, 16 people per total in the balloon
  • Transportation to and from your hotel
  • Champagne ceremony
  • Personalized flight certificate


  • Any costs or services not specified in "price includes"


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