Paragliding in Kas

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Experience the ultimate adventure and spectacular views as you paraglide over Kaş.  Kaş is situated in a fantastic location for the adventure sport of paragliding, which can be done any time between the months of April and October.


  • Experience the thrill of paragliding
  • Get a magnificent bird’s-eye view of Kaş and its surroundings
  • Push your limits
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Paragliding is a cross between hang gliding and parachuting. The specially-designed parachute allows control over direction and speed, thus giving the paraglider the ability to rise on warm currents, go over ridges and cover great distances.


We launch site from a hill behind Kas (altitude of 1000m or, 3300feet). Our descent to the ground will take approximately 30 minutes. As you glide to the ground, you will get a bird’s eye view of the old town of Kas, its harbour, the peninsula and the Greek island of Kastellorizo (Meis).


Tandem paragliding leaves you free to enjoy the experience and leaves the technicalities of flying in the hands of a professional and experienced pilot.


There are various starting times throughout the day.  Please contact us for the times relevant for the month you are travelling


  • This is a small group tour of around 2 hours in total
  • A minimal level of fitness is required for this activity, but you should be of good health, but please note that whilst safety precautions are undertaken this is considered a high risk activity.


  • Transport to the take-off point
  • All technical and safety equipment
  • Passenger briefing
  • Tandem flight


  • Any costs not specifically mentioned in "price includes"


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